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Charitable Grants and Sponsorships

Overview and Details

Marvin Huffaker believes in supporting local charities and non-profits that are improving the communities he works in. In addition to his work with the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Arizona, and his sponsorship of various Relay for Life events, Marvin has committed to providing to charities the same technical services he offers to his business customers.

The general premise behind these grants is to help charities get a boost in order to advance their mission without the burden of being held back by inadequate technology. Charity’s of all sizes and budgets are welcome to apply for the grants

Collaborative Business Relationship

Marvin is an active participant when working with charities, and wants to see you succeed and grow. The grant being offered is a business strategy that can go far beyond the technology and services being provided to your charity. Through our relationship there will inevitably be many opportunities to collaborate, raise brand awareness and visibility, and create positive newsworthy press for both parties.

At a Glance

  • The grants are for specific hardware and/or services provided by Marvin Huffaker to be used in the normal course of running your charity.

  • The grants are hardware and/or services based. They are not cash donations. They are specific to technology services offered by Marvin Huffaker.

  • Grants are valued based on the total annual cost of any hardware and services that are included. All services and fees up to the stated grant value are waived.

  • Grants are provided as annual agreements, and all eligible charities that are awarded a grant will be awarded a one (1) year term that may be extended for up to five (5) years.

  • Any non profit organization or charity may apply for any available grant as long as they meet the criteria and submit an application within the given time period.

  • All award decisions are at Marvin Huffaker’s sole discretion and all decisions are final.

Current Opportunities

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