Marvin Huffaker / Personal Life

I lived in Arizona from 2001 until 2021, where I settled into the area, bought a house, raised my family, and did normal family things. I started my consulting business in 2002 after the company I worked for, Worldcom, was plunged into bankruptcy after major accounting fraud was exposed. I had not had much luck working for other companies and it seemed like they all kept going out of business. So I decided to venture out on my own and take full control of my destiny. It was a monumental success.

During my time in Arizona, I became enamored with the beauty of the Arizona backcountry.  I spent a lot of time in Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, Payson, and other parts of Northern Arizona. I enjoy hiking, off-roading, exploring, and finding new things to see and experience.

In May 2019 I relocated to the Village of Clinton, Michigan. I own and operate several rental properties and vacation rentals.

I have two grown children. My son Austin lives in Arizona and works in real estate investments.

My daughter Jasmine is a chemical analyst for a lab in Michigan. She lives near me and we spend a lot of time together. We try to get out and explore Michigan whenever possible.

I was married for 21 years when my wife Amy Huffaker passed away from Ovarian Cancer in 2015. I served on the Board of Directors of the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Arizona, and I regularly sponsor and participate in cancer charity events and fundraisers. I’m an avid BRCA awareness advocate and educate people on the importance of understanding genetic risks and family history of cancers.

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