Here are the “Guess the Quantity” winners from NAU Relay for Life on Apr 28th in Flagstaff, Arizona. In total, $405 worth of gift cards were won at this awesome Relay for Life event! All winners will be contacted and the prizes will be mailed upon confirmation of address. You may also email Marvin at the email address on the contact page.

Actual Count: 283

Winner: Kaitlyn M. with a guess of 339.

Actual Count: 287

Winner: Amber M. with a guess of 247.

Actual Count: 656

Winner: Anika M. with a guess of 700.

Actual Count: 2437

Winner: Kaitlyn M. with a guess of 1450

(all guesses received were incredibly low).

Actual Count: 361

Winner: Malina R with a count of 333.

Actual Count: 3528

Winner:  Kaitlyn M with a count of 2720

Actual Count: 3983

Winner: Jasmine H with a count of 3950.

Actual Count: 4375

Winner: Jhonnathan J with a count of 4400.