Endpoint Security Packages

Protect your internal Laptops, Desktops, and Servers by utilizing next-generation endpoint protection and threat removal. All pricing is calculated on a per device basis and varies based on the platform.

Maximum Endpoint Security Package (Recommended)

The most comprehensive Endpoint solution in the industry, with services provided by Marvin Huffaker, and Endpoint Software from Sophos. Includes Sophos Central Endpoint Advanced and Sophos Intercept X. Together, you get state of the art anti-virus and system protection with patch assessment capabilities, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Malicious Traffic Detection (MTD). In addition, next generation exploit technique mitigation, CryptoGuard anti-ransomware, anti-malware, web security, and deep system cleanup.

Workstation Protection: $3.95 per Workstation per Month  |  Server Protection: $9.95 per Server per Month

Advanced Antivirus Package

Comprehensive Endpoint solution with services provided by Marvin Huffaker and Sophos Central Endpoint Advanced software.

Workstation Protection: $2.95 per Workstation per Month  |  Server Protection: $4.95 per Server per Month

Next-Gen Cryptoguard Package

Next Generation cryptoguard and malware protection with services provided by Marvin Huffaker and Sophos Central Intercept X.

Workstation Protection: $2.95 per Workstation per Month  |  Server Protection: $4.95 per Server per Month

Endpoint Packages start at:


All Packages Include the Following Features and Benefits

  • Fully managed for you. Enjoy peace of mind.

  • Full service and support from Marvin Huffaker

  • Industry’s best protection for your Endpoints

  • Help when you need it.

  • Remediation assistance if you do get infected.

Endpoints Explained
“Endpoints” is a general term to define systems that may be vulnerable or at risk, and typically need protection. Endpoint generally refers to devices connected to your network. They could be referred to as Servers, Workstations, Desktops, Laptops, PC’s, Computers. Endpoints can also be Windows, Linux, or Mac based.

30 Day Free Trial
Marvin Huffaker offers a free 30 day trial on all Endpoint Packages.

  • All endpoint packages are priced monthly per protected device. Pricing varies per component. For example, Server Protection costs more than Workstation Protection.

Not Sure What You Need?

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Maybe you don’t know if you’re vulnerable or not. Lets start by taking a look at your current setup, discuss your business needs, find out where you’re vulnerable or could use improvement, and put a plan into place from there.

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