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Many IT professionals don’t take security seriously and leave your business exposed and at risk. Marvin Huffaker works with you personally to implement a comprehensive solution to protect your entire company from end to end.

Whether you’re struggling with your current network security, you’ve had a data breach or security incident, you can’t find qualified experts in your area, or you want to just start over, Marvin Huffaker has the expertise and the best solutions to help protect your network and business systems.

Marvin Huffaker and Kris Hagerman, CEO of Sophos at the 2018 Sophos Partner Conference in Las Vegas. Sophos is Marvin’s preferred security vendor and source of most of his mainstream solutions.

Firewall / Perimeter Security Packages

 Business Foundation Security Package

The Firewall is the core of your network security. Positioned at the perimeter of your network, it protects and controls what comes in and goes out of your business. The Business Foundation Security Package is an all inclusive security solution that provides you with all necessary hardware, software, services, installation, administration, and on-going support.

All-Inclusive & Full Service Offering

  • Sophos XG Firewall sized appropriately for your business

  • Delivery, installation, configuration and setup

  • Fully managed, monitored, and supported

  • Unlimited support and troubleshooting

  • Regularly reviewed and optimized as needed

  • Regular patches and updates applied

  • Includes all required licensing

Foundation Packages start at:


Overview of Features and Capabilities

Sophos XG Series Hardware Appliance, Multi-core Intel processor, solid-state storage, flexible connectivity. Sized to business need. Small Business to Enterprise options available.

Firewall, IPsec and SSL VPN, Wireless Protection (Access Points sold separately)

Network Protection, Intrusion Protection (IPS), Remote Ethernet (RED), HTML5 VPN, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Security Heartbeat

Web Protection Anti-malware, Web and App visibility, control, and protection

Email Protection Anti-spam, SPX Email Encryption, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Web Server Protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and reverse proxy

Sandstorm Protection: Next-Gen cloud-sandbox technology

Typical Scenarios
• Small Business Packages: $26.95 to $103.95 per month
• Medium Size Business: $209.95 to $395.95 per month
• Larger Businesses: $554.95 to $1,226.95 per month
• Enterprise & massive Data: $1,808.95 to $3,486.96 per month

Customized and Flexible
Plans are available for ALL business sizes from small micro-businesses to enterprise level organizations with extremely heavy data requirements. Your specific case may vary but you can use the table “Typical Scenarios” table as a ballpark.

Sophos XG Firewall
Your solution will include a Sophos XG Firewall. Pictured below is the XG 210 model. The actual product for your package will vary based on sizing and other factors.

Sophos XG Firewall Sizing
Sizing the firewall correctly is a critical and complicated calculation. It’s based on numerous factors such as user count, amount of data moving across the firewall, remote and mobile users and devices, remote locations, and actual services configured and utilized. When you consult with Marvin Huffaker, all of these factors will be discussed, and the package appropriate for your business will be recommended.

Other Purchase Options
If you’re interested in a next-gen Sophos XG Firewall but want to purchase it separately from a managed service agreement, please talk to Marvin about other options that work for your business. As a Sophos Silver Partner, Marvin Huffaker can  provide you with any Sophos product as well as set you up with demo units and limited time trials of their software.

  • All packages are priced monthly and require a one-time startup fee to cover the cost of delivery, installation, setup and base configuration. Sizing factors and business needs will influence the exact pricing.

All Inclusive VIP Services

Hiring Marvin Huffaker is like employing your own private Security Officer, but without paying the high cost of a full time employee. Marvin offers a full service solution where all of the necessary hardware and software,  design, implementation, and day to day management are taken care of for you. All services are fully customized and priced according to the security requirements of your business.

  • All hardware, software, and any licensing required is included in your service.

  • Design, configuration, installation, and support is all included.

  • Unlimited system support, including 24×7 support for critical outages.

  • Fixed monthly or annual pricing with no overages or surprises.

  • Regular maintenance, upgrades, and patches are included and applied when available.

  • Guaranteed service and no cost incident response. See details below for more info.

See the Difference

Don’t fall for the typical “Managed” service scam. They will promise you the world, but in reality you get very little value for the price you are paying. Everything they do is reactive. They barely know anything about your company or your needs. You’re just a ticket in their helpdesk system. And they do the absolute bare minimum to get you off their back. Marvin Huffaker knows that you deserve more.

Those “Other” Guys

Their perspective is very limited. They see you as a customer that owns a device that they manage, and their sole responsibility is to ensure that it is functional in the manner that it is configured. That’s all. Nothing more and nothing less. What happens outside of their managed devices is none of their concern. If your systems ever get compromised, they’ll shrug and deny any involvement or responsibility. Or pass the blame onto something out of their control. You’ll be left to pick up the pieces on your own.

How Marvin Huffaker Does It

Marvin Huffaker sees the big picture. You’re a company with employees, systems, servers, and lots of sensitive data that needs to be protected. He views your security needs as a complex set of moving parts that need to work together. And he proactively supports and maintains these systems for you. If you do get compromised, Marvin Huffaker is there to work through it with you, find out what happened, and take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Not Sure What You Need?

Marvin can provide a FREE Security Assessment for you!

Maybe you don’t know if you’re vulnerable or not. Lets start by taking a look at your current setup, discuss your business needs, find out where you’re vulnerable or could use improvement, and put a plan into place from there.

Schedule by Phone

You can email Marvin directly to schedule your Free, no obligation Security Assessment.

Email: heythere@marvinhuffaker.com.

Order Online

Order online to book your Free, No obligation Security Assessment. Marvin will contact you to confirm the date and time.

About Marvin Huffaker

Professional Life

I’ve been in business in Arizona since 2002, and my office and “work space” is completely mobile. Because I can provide most services remotely, I am able to respond within a few minutes to any issues that arise. I can also easily facilitate on-site services as needed throughout Arizona.

Although I offer enterprise level services, I don’t operate like your typical “big IT company”.  I don’t pretend to be something that I am not, and I value personal relationships with all of my customers. My commitment to business ethics and integrity has allowed me to become a respected leader in the industry.

Personal Life

I’ve made Arizona my home since 2001, and I’m pretty fond of Northern Arizona. I spend a lot of time in Flagstaff, Sedona, and Prescott, and find myself on all sorts of adventures just exploring and finding new things to do. I enjoy hiking, off-roading, exploring, camping, and finding new things to experience. In my adventures, I am always amazed at the new things I find that I didn’t know about before.

I grew up in Idaho, and I’ve spent some time living in Michigan early in my career. I like to go back to Michigan whenever I get a chance. The vibrant greens and a drastic change from the shades of brown we have in Arizona.