I was recently reviewing the security infrastructure with a local business and came across this router with the username, password, and IP address taped to the bottom of the device. For the sake of this post, I won’t go into the fact that this is a $100 router intended for home use. That’s a topic for another day.

Many security breaches originate from inside the network. There are various studies that confirm the percentage is between 25%-50%.

Many internal breaches can be blamed on human mistakes, lack of training, or falling for a scam that then causes your data to be compromised.

But some internal breaches are intentional, and caused by a malicious or disgruntled employee. Sometimes external people, such as the cleaning crew, have access to equipment like this and could also pose a threat.

If these credentials got into the wrong hands, the person could potentially sabotage the device and put your business at risk. And that could cost your business dearly.

In all of the internal security breaches I’ve been involved with, the company generally thought they were not susceptible to attack, they trusted their employees, or thought that even if they were compromised, it wouldn’t be a huge deal. In all cases, they were wrong.

Please do not store credentials on or near any device whatsoever. Use a digital password safe, or store credentials in a drawer or safe that has controlled and limited access. A few simple security precautions can save your company thousands of dollars in damages down the road.