Marvin Huffaker is pleased to announce the offering of an Internet Security based grant for a qualified charity in the Phoenix area.

A grant will be awarded to provide your charity with the Business Foundation Security Package offered by Marvin Huffaker. All hardware, software, licensing, and services will be provided at no cost to the charity. This package is a full service “Managed Service” that provides state of the art security and controls to ensure your data is safe. It creates a barrier between the Internet and your confidential and private data. This is especially critical for any organizations that are bound by HIPAA or other privacy regulations.

Program Details
The required hardware and software, including the Sophos XG Firewall, is owned by Marvin Huffaker and provided to you as part of the service for as long as you continue the service. The service identical to the services provided to paying business customers, and your charity will be entitled to all of the same benefits and support.

Opening Date
Applications may be submitted starting on  August 1, 2018

Closing Date
Applications must be received by end of day August 31, 2018

Award Date
Award will be announced on Sept 15, 2018.

Services Term and Details
Services term will start on Oct 1, 2018 (flexible) and continue for one (1) calendar year through Sept 30, 2019. Services, as well as the award, can be renewed annually for a total of five (5) years as long as the charity maintains all required qualifications.

Criteria and Qualifications
To be considered for this grant your charity must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have a brick and mortar facility with an Internet connection and internal connected systems.

  • You must be located in the Phoenix Metro area.

  • Your organization must be recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

  • You are struggling with technology and/or have limited resources (funds or available expertise).

Preferred Charities
All qualified charities will be considered. Preference will be given to any within the following categories.

  • Cancer Related. Community support and outreach, survivor and caregiver programs and support, or organizations research.

  • Youth Programs / youth outreach / youth development / at risk teens.

  • Veterans programs. Any charities that support our military veterans.

  • Animal Rescue and/or advocacy

Award Value and Details
The cost of the Business Foundation Security Package may vary due to many factors. A voucher in the amount of $2500 will be awarded on an annual basis. This non-cash award will be applied to any costs associated with the services being provided.

Maximum Annual Value: $2,500
Maximum Lifetime Value: $12,500

Benefit Examples and Use Case Scenarios
All packages are custom sized according to various factors including user count, data usage, and functionality needed. It’s anticipated that the grant will be adequate for most small charities with no additional out of pocket expense. In fact, preference will be given to charity’s that do not require any out of pocket expenses.

Example 1: For a small organization with about 25 users, the typical package would normally have a startup cost of $795 and an annual services fee of $960. Therefore, the total annual cost would be valued at $1,755. With the grant offered, the full cost would be absorbed and provided at no cost to your charity.

Example 2: For an organization with between 25-50 users, a larger package may be required with a normal startup cost of $1,095 and an annual services fee of  $1,872. Therefore, the first year total would be valued at $2,967. This exceeds the award amount by $467. Since the annual cost is less than the award amount, we would roll that amount into the next years award amount.  So for the first year, your award would be valued at $2,500. The following year, the award would be valued at $2,339 (Due to the startup cost and rollover), and any subsequent year would be valued at $1,872. Overall, no out of pocket expense would be incurred by your charity.

How to Apply

There is not a form to fill out. Please put an information packet together and have it delivered to Marvin Huffaker.


ATTN: Charity Works
Marvin Huffaker Consulting
PO BOX 72643
Phoenix, AZ 85050

In the packet you send, please provide the following information:

  • Full Name and Address of your Organization

  • Documentation to verify IRS 501(c)(3) status

  • Document with your mission statement and charity goals

  • Provide examples of work you have done to improve the community

  • Provide information on your organization size, and any details regarding your current network and internet setup, who your provider is, what type of internet connections, speed, etc.

  • Please include the details of any PR or recognition programs you offer to corporate sponsors.

  • The award voucher may not be used for any other product or service except for as stated in the announcement. You do not own any of the hardware, software, or licenses included in the services. They are provided as part of an all-inclusive services and should be considered “leased”. The award covers the cost of the entire services package. At the end of the term, whether it’s one year, five years, or anything in between, you will be required to either return all hardware to Marvin Huffaker or continue services as a paid customer.

Charitable Grant Overview and Details
The general premise of any grant that is offered is to help charities get a boost in order to advance their mission without the burden of being held back by inadequate technology. Charity’s of all sizes and budgets are welcome to apply for the grants

Marvin Huffaker believes in supporting local charities and non-profits that are improving the communities he works in. In addition to his work with the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Arizona, and his sponsorship of various Relay for Life events, Marvin has committed to providing to charities the same technical services he offers to his business customers.

Collaborative Business Relationship
Marvin is an active participant when working with charities, and wants to see you succeed and grow. The grant being offered is a business strategy that can go far beyond the technology and services being provided to your charity. Through our relationship there will inevitably be many opportunities to collaborate, raise brand awareness and visibility, and create positive newsworthy press for both parties.

At a Glance

  • The grants are for specific hardware and/or services provided by Marvin Huffaker to be used in the normal course of running your charity.

  • The grants are hardware and/or services based. They are not cash donations. They are specific to technology services offered by Marvin Huffaker.

  • Grants are valued based on the total annual cost of any hardware and services that are included. All services and fees up to the stated grant value are waived.

  • Grants are provided as annual agreements, and all eligible charities that are awarded a grant will be awarded a one (1) year term that may be extended for up to five (5) years.

  • Any non profit organization or charity may apply for any available grant as long as they meet the criteria and submit an application within the given time period.

  • All award decisions are at Marvin Huffaker’s sole discretion and all decisions are final.